Homeless and Needy in Lebanon and Laclede County area : Homeless and Needy in Lebanon MO
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Homeless and Needy in Lebanon and Laclede County area

by Gary Crawford on 06/18/12

This is an ongoing discussion about the current challenges for the homeless, hungry and needy in the greater Lebanon MO area.  Please try to  keep all posts in a loving and positive tone.  This ministry is dedicated to serving the spiritual and physical needs of disadvantaged members in our community.

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1. Joe said on 6/18/12 - 02:50PM
Ministers of Fire volunteers meet at the Lebanon Library every Tuesday evening at 5PM to make sack lunches to hand out and deliver. The sack lunches are usually delivered to various trailer parks and low budget motels in the area.
2. Terry said on 7/1/12 - 03:59PM
Being a part of this ministry is such a blessing. God said to take His word into all the lands and our own land needs Him just as much as others. Praise Him for all who participate. Thanks to you all who help and follow His word.
3. Lebanon said on 8/7/13 - 09:35AM
Your website needs updated to accommodate your new direction. This information is not longer accurate and confusing.

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